Top 10 Best Wicket Keeper in the World

From Dhoni & Sangakkara to Boucher & Gilchrist, the list of top 10 best wicket-keepers in the world is filled with world-class cricketers. Find out the full updated list.

Subhayan Dutta
Subhayan Dutta

Last Updated: 2023-09-29

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Answering who is the best wicket keeper in cricket isn’t easy, however, as far as sheer numbers are concerned, South Africa’s Mark Boucher and Australia’s Adam Gilchrist have been two of the best wicket-keepers in world cricket. The centuries-old sport has witnessed some of the greatest individuals donning the gloves behind stumps in various eras and different formats to excel in their trade. They have been equally consistent across all three formats - ODIs, Test and T20Is - of the game affecting an astounding number of dismissals. The popular likes of MS Dhoni and Kumar Sangakkara also grace this elite list of the top 10 best wicket-keepers in cricket.

Top 10 best wicket-keepers in cricket | Updated list


1. Mark Boucher | Averaged 2.18 dismissals per game in 467 matches

One of the safest pairs of hands that South African cricket has seen, both with the willow as well as behind the stumps, Mark Boucher has played for the Proteas for almost 15 years and kept wickets in 467 matches across all formats. Boucher’s numbers from behind the stumps are astounding. He has 557 dismissals to his name in 147 Test matches, 441 dismissals in 295 ODIs and 20 dismissals in 25 T20Is, thus averaging 2.18 dismissals per game.

2. Adam Gilchrist | Averaged 2.33 dismissals per game in 396 matches

One of the fan favourites during the 90s and early 2000s regardless of which nation fans belonged to, the Australian southpaw carried an aura on the field. Whether it be his explosive batting as an opener or quick thinking from behind the stumps, Gilchrist triumphed in all aspects. Keeping to Shane Warne was never as easy as Gilly made it look. He has 420 dismissals to his name in just 96 Tests, 486 in 287 ODIs and 18 in 13 T20Is.

3. MS Dhoni | Averaged 1.60 dismissals per game in 538 matches

The most iconic and decorated cricketer of the last decade, MS Dhoni has won every limited over ICC trophy with India and had a reputation for changing games from behind the stumps. Whether it be his impeccable DRS calls or intelligent field setting, Dhoni was invincible in his trade. He has affected 297 dismissals in 90 Tests, 466 in 350 ODIs and 99 T20I wickets in 98 matches.

4. Kumar Sangakkara | Averaged 1.31 dismissals per game in 594 matche

Keeping wickets to the Mutthiah Muralitharan - the greatest bowler the world has ever seen - isn’t an easy task and Sangakkara did effortlessly at times. Decoding the mystery, which the best batsmen often failed to, was Sangakkara’s speciality and his 99 ODI stumpings are a testament to the same. He has 206 dismissals to his name in 134 Tests, 521 in 404 ODIs and 50 T20I dismissals in 56 matches. 

5. Quinton de Kock | Averaging 1.96 dismissals per game in 255 matches

No less than a modern-day cricket legend, Quinton de Kock will hang up his boot following the 2023 ODI World Cup and the game will be poorer for the same. Yet another opening batsman who is an excellent wicketkeeper as well, De Kock has been a part of one of the star-studded international sides in world cricket. Having kept to the likes ranging from Dale Steyn and Kagiso Rabada to Imran Tahir, De Kock has showcased his wicketkeeping skills against pace and turn equally. He has 459 catches and 37 stumpings to his name in just 255 matches.

6. Ian Healy | Averaged 2.20 dismissals per game in 287 matches

An Australian legend of Test cricket, Ian Healy was known for his longevity behind the stumps. Having one of the safest pair of hands behind the stumps, the only reason Healy doesn’t sit further up this list is because of the limited formats that he has played. T20Is weren’t introduced when Healy was playing his trade, but he has impressive numbers in ODIs and Tests - 396 and 236 dismissals respectively.

7. Brad Haddin | Averaged 2.14 dismissals per game in 226 matches

Brad Haddin is a clear testament to Australia’s rich supply of world-class wicketkeepers. Taking over the role from Gilchrist left Haddin with huge shoes to fill and the New South Wales did it almost to perfection. He would go on to play 66 Tests, 126 ODIs and 34 T20Is having 270, 189 and 25 dismissals respectively.

8. Dinesh Ramdin | Averaged 1.70 dismissals per game in 284 matches

It would be fair to say that West Indies never really got a steady wicketkeeper since the retirement of Dinesh Ramdin from all formats in 2019. The Trinidadian had taken over wicketkeeping duties for the Men in Maroon at a time when they were struggling to replace Ridley Jacobs and made the position his own with 483 dismissals across three formats. Ramdin would effect 218 dismissals in 74 Tests, 197 in 139 ODIs and 68 in 71 T2oIs.

9. Rodney Marsh | Averaged 2.55 dismissals per game in 188 matches

Ask any Australian cricket fan and they would be well-acquainted with the term “caught Marsh bowled Lillee” as it had become a part of cricket folklore during the late 70s and the early 80s. Criticised for not having quite an athletic figure, Marsh would compensate with his quick movements behind the stumps and retired with 356 Test dismissals on retirement, which was a world record then. His association with Dennis Lille had made Australia a superpower in world cricket then. He also had 124 ODI dismissals.

10. Jeff Dujon | Averaged 1.90 dismissals per game in 250 matches

It is criminal that Jeff Dujon wasn’t one of the more popular names from the fearsome West Indies side who ruled the world during the 198os. Arguably the most athletic player in that team, Dujon was known was taking one-handed stunners behind the stumps, as West Indies’ pace quartets threw lightening-speed bouncers at batsmen. Dujon has 272 dismissals to his name from 81 Tests and 204 from 169 ODIs. 

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