T20 Cricket Betting Sites 2024

This guide will show you everything that you need to know when it comes to cricket betting.

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Jon Young

Last Updated: 2024-07-19

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T20 cricket betting is available at UK online bookmakers. Bet outright on the T20 World Cup winners, or place wagers in-running on the next batter out. We’ll show you how to use betting odds for cricket T20 markets and share tips and tricks so you never miss out. 

Introduction to T20 Cricket Betting

bet365 page with Indian Premier League 2024 betting options

T20 (Twenty20) was established in 2003 as a way to bring bigger crowds back to the cricket stadiums in England and Wales. T20 matches use a shorter format than one-day internationals (ODIs) where each side plays 20 overs only.

The popularity of T20 has soared since its introduction. Many countries have adopted the game for leagues, and the T20 World Cup attracts nations not known for their traditional love of Test cricket.  

In addition, you can place T20 bets at the top cricket betting sites by opening an account. The process only takes a few minutes, and you can claim free bets on joining.

As well as outright betting on competition winners, bookmakers accept prop bets on the highest run-scorer or wicket-taker of each match. You can also bet in-running while you follow the action live. 

Popular T20 Cricket Betting Competitions

You can enjoy cricket betting on the T20 in a range of different guises. Top sportbetting sites offer up-to-date markets on everything from T20 World Cup winners to the next dismissal. Look for futures/outright markets in advance for the best value, or follow the action live and bet in-play as the game unfolds. 

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

England celebrates winning T20 World Cup trophy

The Men’s T20 World Cup is the highlight of the short-format international cricket calendar. The first T20 World Cup took place in 2007, a competition that kickstarted a raft of domestic Twenty20 leagues worldwide.  

The 2024 Twenty20 World Cup featured 20 countries split into four groups. A league format takes place first, followed by a further group stage (Super 8s), and finally the knockout rounds.

T20 cricket betting sites allow wagering on individual games, plus ante-post markets like group winners and tournament champions. You can also bet in-play on markets such as the next man out and method of dismissal. 

International T20 Series

Cricket players shaking hands after a match

T20 Internationals are played out between countries throughout the year. Some contests follow 5-day series in the same country, such as the T20I that follows the Ashes. Series tend to be played over four matches, and full correct score betting markets are popular at online bookmakers.  

Vitality T20 Blast (England & Wales)

A match in the T20 Blast cricket competition

The T20 Blast is the biggest competition of its kind held in England and Wales. It also holds the honour of being the world’s first-ever Twenty20 competition, set up back in 2003. 18 teams compete across a series of group games in two separate leagues during the summer.  

TATA IPL (India)

The Indian Premier League trophy
The Indian Premier League (IPL) is arguably the richest and most popular world T20 contest. Heavy hitters such as Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders battle it out during the summer for a share of prize money totaling over $6m.

In the IPL, stars like Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, and Rohit Sharma play alongside well-known overseas players such as Jos Buttler and Travis Head. So popular is the IPL T20 that TV rights have even been sold to US broadcasters. 

Big Bash League (Australia)

A team celebrating winning the Big Bash League in cricket

Australia’s Big Bash League (BBL) is the premier T20 contest Down Under. Eight men’s and women’s teams including Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat compete during December and January to win the Big Bash League Trophy. Awards are also handed out to the Golden Arm (most wickets) and Golden Bat (most runs). 

Other T20 Contests for Betting: 

  • Pakistan Super League 
  • South Africa Premier T20 Cricket League
  • International League T20 (UAE)
  • Women’s T20 World Cup

Understanding T20 Cricket Betting

T20 cricket betting roughly falls into two camps: pre-match betting and in-play. You can place pre-match bets on the league or World Cup winners, or bet in-play as the game unfolds. Betting on Twenty20 is legal and permitted at all licensed bookies in the UK.

It’s also worth mentioning the Cash Out options. Most top online bookmakers allow a Cash Out where you can settle your T20 bet early without seeing the game through. Some bookies also offer Partial Cash Out, allowing you to settle half the bet for a small profit and let the rest of the bet ride. 

Types of T20 Cricket Bets

You can find a range of betting odds for T20 cricket at most online bookies. Odds change regularly, so it pays to keep updated on the price of movers and shakers. 

League/Tournament Winner

Outright (futures) betting is available on the winners of all major leagues, T20I series, and competitions. Futures markets are usually available some months ahead of time, and this is the time you can find the hottest value. You can also place bets on the outright team winner as the competition progresses. 

Match Betting

The simplest, and most popular, T20 cricket betting market is the match winner. There are only two bets: Home win or Away win. There are no ties in T20 matches. One team will be assigned the Favourite tag and will offer shorter odds than the underdog. 

Batter Performance Betting

You can find betting odds for T20 cricket batters at all good online bookmakers. Bet on the batters’ milestones (e.g. 10+ runs, 20+ runs, etc), or bet Over/Under on each batter’s total sixes and fours.

The Total Runs bet is one of the most popular wagers in Twenty20 betting. You bet whether a batter will score Over/Under the point set by the bookie.

For example, Jonny Bairstow priced at Over/Under +23.5 would win the Under by scoring 23 runs or fewer. The Over bet would come in if he scored 24 runs or more. 

Top Batter

Popular betting markets also focus on the top batter for each team or the match as a whole. You can also bet on the Top Team Runscorer on both teams as a double. Some online bookies will offer slightly enhanced odds for the double wager. 

Bowler Markets

The Wicket Taker bet is ideal if you prefer betting on bowlers. Look out for T20 cricket betting odds on the top wicket-taker for either team or the game as a whole. Plus, you can bet on bowler milestones (e.g. 1+, 2+ or 3+ wickets taken in a match).

Again, you can back the double on Top Runscorer/Top Wicket Taker if you feel confident in both your star batter and bowler picks. Accumulator bets like this are easy to select and add to your betting slip. 

Prop Betting

PaddyPower betting page with under/over odds

Some cricket prop bets have no relation to the winning team. The top online sports betting sites offer a range of “prop bets” on specific outcomes during the game.

You can even bet on the Player of the Match, awarded at the end of the game. Over/Under Totals bets can be lucrative feeding grounds for canny T20 cricket betting gamblers if you’ve done some prior homework.

  • Team to Win Toss
  • Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket 
  • 1st Wicket Method (Caught, Run Out, Bowled, etc)
  • Player of the Match
  • Total Match Sixes (Over/Under)
  • Most Sixes (team)
  • Team of Top Batsman
  • Total Match Fours 
  • Biggest Opening Partnership (team)
  • Series Correct Score (limited T20 Series)

In-Play Betting

bet365 page with the in-play betting option and bet builder

Top online betting sites let you bet in-play while you watch the T20. Live streaming is available to existing customers too, though you may need a positive account to access the videos.

In most cases, you can view a virtual match tracker displaying the current stats from the match. You can follow an updated scorecard and view stats such as comparative run rate, last 6 deliveries, and batter’s records.

The beauty of in-play betting is that you can make quick wagers as the game progresses. The bookmaker will update odds as the score changes, so it’s a good opportunity to get some value.

Plus, it’s possible to make very quick bets without seeing out the remainder of the game. You can bet on the number of runs scored off the next delivery or over, or the next batter to be dismissed. Cash in your profits early and put them towards bets on other games. 

T20 Cricket Betting Tips & Strategy

It’s important to utilize some basic T20 cricket betting strategy when you’re formulating your wagers.  

#1 Understand Factors Affecting T20 Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket results are heavily affected by external factors, such as the weather and pitch conditions. Dry pitches in India can be great for batters, and bookmakers will alter their odds accordingly. Similarly, windy conditions can play havoc on the bowlers, so it can be a good time to bet the Under on bowling performance. 

Other factors to consider for T20 cricket betting

  • Relative team strengths: This is a simple comparison of overall team strength, batting prowess, and star bowlers. Understand who the best IPL franchises are before you make your first bet
  • Player Injuries: Key injuries can play havoc with your betting selections in T20. They also decrease or enhance the odds on opposing batters and bowlers.  
  • Player Absences: Check player absences if there is a T20I scheduled. Countries may miss lots of players tied up in the IPL. That can seriously affect their chances of winning the match. 
  • Form and recent performances: Most bookmakers offer head-to-head stats and form between the two sides. Make sure you study the statistics before placing bets. Form can be fickle in T20, but batters and bowlers do go through purple patches. Look at reliable cricket resources like Wisden to find the latest strike rates and stats.
  • Head-to-head records: You can view form and head-to-head stats at many online bookmakers. Just click on the small graph icon next to the match you want to bet on. These stats can be vital when deciding who to bet on.
  • Venue: Does home advantage count in T20? No T20 World Cup winner has ever won on home soil and home advantage doesn’t seem to be a factor in the IPL. Do your research first on home team results to see if their favourite tag is justified.
  • Betting volume: The weight of bets can influence the bookmakers’ prices. It’s not always good to follow the money blindly, but there could be value to be found. 

#2 Bet on the Batters to Go Big on Sixes

Canny T20 gamblers can find value by betting on prop bets like Most Sixes. The record for total sixes continues to be broken, with an IPL 2024 match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians recording 38 sixes. The record was equalled a few weeks later.

In fact, the 2024 IPL season recorded more sixes in the first 30 matches than in any other season. It’s a sign that pitches are being prepared for big-hitters to thrive. 

 #3 Master Live Betting Strategies

IPL T20 statistics suggest high runs during the “death overs” (17–20), so that’s the time to hit the in-play betting markets and bet on runs. Similarly, team totals hit record highs during the 2024 IPL season. By noticing team totals of 262–277 (some of the biggest in IPL history) you can use the guide to place in-play bets or cash out Total Runs bets early. 

#4 Bankroll Management

It’s important to set a budget early when you bet on T20. Start with a set bankroll and plan stakes as a percentage of your total budget. Never bet with money you can’t afford, and always set betting limits when you open your account.

#5 Make the Most of Odds Boosts

PaddyPower betting page with odds boosts options

Bet Boosts/Odds Boosts are offered by many online bookmakers. These are enhanced odds on top batters, winning teams, or selected Match Doubles. They’re only available for a short time, so keep checking to avoid missing out. 

#6 Claim Free Bets at Top Bookmakers

A good T20 cricket betting strategy is about making the bookmakers work harder for you. The best bookies offer free bets when you sign up or gratis wagers during big tournaments like the T20 World Cup. 

Calculating Betting Odds in T20 Cricket

It’s easy to read and understand betting odds for T20 cricket. The betting slip automatically calculates total profits for you as well.

For example, if you bet £40 Punjab Kings at 7/4, you’d stand to win £70 profit (7 x £40), plus your original stake.  

Implied Probability in T20 Cricket

Bookmakers add a “vig” when calculating their prices. It ensures the bookie makes a profit long-term, regardless of who wins. The vig varies but is usually 5% on top of the overall make-up. 


Punjab Kings @ 7/4
Mumbai Indians @ 4/9

In this IPL match, Punjab Kings are underdogs at 7/4. Our total risk/reward for a £10 bet would be:

Punjab Kings: £10 / £27.50 = 0.36 or 36% chance of winning
Mumbai Indians: £10 / £14.44 = 0.69 or 69% chance of winning

The total “ implied probability” is 105%, meaning we’d have to bet £105 to win just £100. The extra £5 is the bookmaker’s edge. They don’t mind too much if the underdog wins as the house edge is already factored in. 

Betting Odds Formats

Online bookmakers usually display odds in Fractional format (e.g. 2/1, 3/1 etc). However, you can usually toggle the display to show Decimal or American (Moneyline) odds. 

  • Decimal Odds: 3.0 
  • Fractional Odds:  2/1
  • Moneyline (US) Odds: +200

The Fractional odds are the return for 1 unit (in this case, 2 units). The decimal odds displays the TOTAL return, including stake (3.0). The US odds displays the odds for a unit stake of +100. The + sign denotes the pick as an underdog. A favourite would have a ‘-‘ symbol or the amount you would have to bet to win 100.00. 

Final Thoughts

T20 isn’t just the most exciting cricket format to watch; it also offers hundreds of ways to bet pre-match and live. With some research you can analyse the stats, find boosted odds on popular markets, and claim free T20 betting wagers when you sign up. 

Responsible Gambling

It’s important to gamble within your means and seek help if you need it. Licenced T20 cricket betting sites let you set deposit limits or request a Time Out if you need it. Check out these resources for further help:


Can I enjoy T20 cricket betting at all online bookmakers?

Yes, the best online betting sites provide competitive odds on all T20 leagues, series, and World Cups. You can also claim odds boosts on selected T20 markets. 

What are the best T20 cricket betting tips?

Bet on batters and bowlers who have proven records on particular grounds. Do your homework and claim free bets or odds boosts at a variety of online betting sites.   

What is the best T20 cricket betting strategy?

Remember that form can be tricky to gauge in T20 games. The short format means there is margin for error in the bookmaker’s odds. Do your research before you bet and find value in “underdogs” where you can.

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