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2024 World Grand Prix: Zhang Anda Knocks Out Reigning Champ Mark Allen

In a riveting second-round clash at the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix, Zhang Anda delivered a spectacular performance, securing a 4-2 triumph over the reigning champion, Mark Allen. The match unfolded with breath-taking moments and a display of skill that will be etched in the memories of snooker enthusiasts.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-18

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Anda’s Electric Start

Anda wasted no time in making a statement, opening the encounter with an electrifying 95 break to claim the first frame against the tournament's defending champion. The intensity heightened as the players engaged in a protracted safety battle late in the frame, culminating in Anda's ability to seal the tight second frame.


Fearless of the defending champion's reputation, Zhang Anda continued to shine, sealing the third frame and positioning himself just one frame away from a spot in the quarterfinals. However, Mark Allen, known for his resilience, mounted a thrilling comeback when it seemed victory was slipping away.



A Show-Stopping Century Break Brings Hope

Allen's awakening came in the form of a scintillating century break of 137, a display of skill and precision that brought the match score to 3-1 in favour of Zhang. The defending champion showcased his showmanship by sealing the frame and the incredible century break with a no-look black shot, leaving the audience in awe.


A crucial miss from the yellow ball breathed new life into Mark Allen's campaign, allowing him to claw back into the match. In a stunning turn of events, Allen cleared up all the colours, leaving only the black to bring the score to 3-2, intensifying the drama on the green baize.

Dominance in the Final Frame

Undeterred by Allen's resurgence, Zhang Anda returned to the table with unwavering confidence. Despite a few safety battles, Anda dominated the final frame, accumulating 71 points to secure the win and his place in the quarterfinals.


With this impressive 4-2 victory, Zhang Anda sets the stage for an exciting quarter-final clash against Ding Junhui, further solidifying his presence as a formidable contender in the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix.


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)

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