2024 World Snooker Championship: Stephen Maguire on Broadcasters Favouritism for Ronnie O’Sullivan

Maguire-Murphy's intense snooker clash overshadowed by BBC's surprise choice of O'Sullivan's match for Table one coverage. Maguire takes it in stride, highlighting Crucible privilege.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-29

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BBC’s Table Selection Puzzles Punters

Stephen Maguire and Shaun Murphy reignited their two-decade-long rivalry, in a captivating last-16 tie at the 2024 World Snooker Championship. The match, distinguished by its intense off-table dynamics, saw Maguire emerge victorious with a score line of 13-9. 

Despite the high stakes and nail-biting action promised by the Maguire-Murphy clash, the BBC opted to designate O’Sullivan’s match as the Table one fixture for televised coverage. This decision perplexed many, especially considering the ongoing excitement and critical juncture of the Maguire-Murphy encounter, while O’Sullivan and Day had only just begun their tie.

Maguire's Perspective on Table Selection

When asked about the surprising decision to showcase O'Sullivan's match over his own intense battle with Murphy, Maguire displayed a remarkably laid-back attitude. He jokingly brushed off any notion of being snubbed, emphasising the privilege of playing at the prestigious Crucible Theatre.

"I’ve been through the qualifiers, it’s unbelievable for me to play out there. I don’t care about what games on TV or whatever. When you come here after the places, I’ve been a played this year. Being on Table 1 or the TV table never crossed my mind,” he told 

Maguire's perspective provides a refreshing contrast to the potential disappointment that other players might feel in similar situations. His focus on the privilege of playing at the Crucible underscores his gratitude for the opportunity, regardless of the table assignment.


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Humorous Acknowledgment of O'Sullivan's Appeal

In a humorous nod to snooker icon Ronnie O'Sullivan, Maguire expressed his understanding of the BBC's decision. He highlighted O'Sullivan's widespread popularity and entertainment value, suggesting that he himself would choose to watch O'Sullivan's match over his own.

“Everybody wants to Ronnie [O’Sullivan]. If it was me playing, I’d watch Ronnie above me.”

Maguire's acknowledgment of O'Sullivan's allure not only showcases his humility but also reflects the universal admiration for the five-time world champion's captivating style of play.

Looking Ahead to the Quarterfinals

Despite the unexpected turn of events in the televised coverage, Maguire remains focused on his next challenge in the quarterfinals. He is set to face David Gilbert in what promises to be another thrilling encounter between two of the tournament's biggest underdog success stories.

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