Tennis Betting Tips and Predictions

Discover expert tennis betting tips and predictions to boost your winning chances. Learn about key betting factors, free vs. paid tips, and how to choose the best tennis betting sites. Get insights on play style, conditions, and major tournaments for smarter bets.

Claudia Hartley
Claudia Hartley

Last Updated: 2024-06-20

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Many of the best tennis betting sites offer betting tips for upcoming games. Some of them are sure fire wins, some more speculative, but you should approach all of them armed with plenty of tennis betting knowledge.

We’ll look into how to spot the best tennis bet tips, as well as how to find your own winners, and if it’s worth it to pay for tips, or rely on free ones. Plus, we’ll even throw in some free tennis betting tips of our own.

So, by the next time you’re heading to your favourite betting site, you’ll be feeling confident in your expertise.  

Key Tennis Betting Factors 

Each sport has its own unique features to consider when working out a likely winner. When it comes to tennis betting tips, working out a winner comes down to three main factors. Let’s take a look at them below.

Play Style

Watching two aggressive players come up against each other is undoubtedly exciting, but it can make finding a good betting tip for tennis quite difficult. 
Conflicting styles of play, for example, careful point-scoring players, coming up against big-serving players, is likely to cause a problem. Look out for these match ups and see if you can find some value.


One of the most important betting tips for tennis is to consider court conditions. Almost all top tennis players have a preference for either grass or clay. 

Essential Betting Tips 
There are no guarantees in betting, but you can improve your chances by betting wisely. Below are some free tips for better success in your tennis betting.

Biggest Tennis Tournaments

Some players thrive in a competition environment, others can lose their cool in the biggest tournaments. You’ll also find that some players are specialists at specific competitions.

During the peak of his career Tim Henman was considered something of a Wimbledon specialist. Serena Williams would’ve taken the top spot for the US Open.

With these little nuggets of knowledge, you can pick out the best betting tips for tennis more easily.

Study Player Form

The most important tennis betting tip of all: study, study, study. Most professional tipsters will have just one or two sports that they know inside out. Being knowledgeable about the sport and the players is the best way to achieve more success.

Choose The Best Tennis Betting Sites

Not all tennis betting sites are created equal! Depending on the type of experience that you’re looking for, you’ll want to search for specific criteria. Consider some of the points below when choosing your next site:

●    Allow you to place the type of bet that you want to place
●    Allow you to use bonuses on tennis
●    Have the option to make in-play bets on tennis
●    Offer live streaming of tennis matches
●    Have exceptional odds on tennis games

Manage Your Bankroll

Chasing losses can be tempting, especially when you’re betting on sets, or placing in-play bets. However, it’s never a good idea.

Set yourself a betting budget and be sure to stick to it. If you struggle to stick to the budget then you can always set deposit limits and loss limits in the account preferences of your chosen betting site.

Free vs. Paid Betting Tips 

If you’re searching out tennis betting tips online then they will always fall into two categories: free or paid for. There are pros and cons to both, which we’ll take a look at below.

●    Track Record: You’ll find that paid for tipsters are more likely to display their track record. This encourages people to sign up for their tips, as long as the record is good!
●    Cost: Obviously, free tennis betting tips are the option to go for if you’re on a budget. Paid for tips usually have a monthly subscription fee which can put some people off.
●    Reputation: Paid-for tipsters need to uphold their reputation in order for people to pay for their tennis betting tips. This means that they’re likely to spend more time researching.

Types of Tennis Bets 

Now that you know all about the most important considerations when betting on tennis, it’s time to look at all of the different types of bet that you can place


Moneyline bets are the most common kind of wager. They’re simply a bet on whether a player will win, or lose, a match. You can place these bets on the day of the game, or sometimes ahead of time to receive better odds.

Outright Bets

Outright bets are kind of like moneyline bets, but you’re betting on the winner of (usually) an entire tennis tournament. Sometimes you can place outright bets on which players will make it to the semi-finals as well.

Set Betting

Set betting is most commonly done on a live betting platform. This allows you to bet on the winner of the next set. It’s fast and furious, but great fun - as long as you keep an eye on your betting budget.

Player Specials

On most tennis betting sites, you’ll find the option to place player specials. These tend to be bets that take a look at the season as a whole, for example, who’ll win a Grand Slam, or who’ll finish the season as World No 1.

Watching them play on their favoured surface is spectacular, but watching them on their least favourite can be quite the opposite. Look out for the court conditions that the players will face to try to find a likely winner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Betting Tips

How do I know I can trust a tennis tipster?

The best way to decide if you trust a tennis tipster is to look at their track record. Some tipsters will display their win percentage, and others their profit from an equal stake on each bet. Of course, there are others where you might have to search through their social channels. 

Are there table tennis betting tips too?

Yes! Table tennis is a hugely popular sport and betting on it can be super exciting, particularly live betting. You’ll find betting tips for table tennis on social channels such as Twitter, as well as dedicated table tennis betting pages.

Should I trust the tennis betting tips from sportsbooks?

It is in the sportsbook’s best interest to make money, so your skepticism makes sense, but it’s also in a good sportsbook’s best interests to keep their customers around! Handing out bad tennis betting tips will leave a sour taste for customers, so generally speaking, you can trust the tips that you find on licensed sportsbooks. 

Are free tennis betting tips or paid tips better?

While paid tipsters need to keep up a good track record to ensure more customers, there is a monetary consideration. If you’re paying for tips then you’re immediately eating into any profit that you make. Bare this in mind before signing up to any paid tennis betting tips.