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2024 Masters: Mark Allen Reflects on Semi-Final Defeat to Ali Carter

In a hard-fought semi-final clash at the 2024 MrQ Masters, Mark Allen faced a 6-3 defeat against a formidable Ali Carter. Despite the disappointment, Allen expressed a sense of pride in his mental strength and determination throughout the week.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-14

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Carter Leaves the Pistol out of Ammunition

Mark Allen experienced a challenging defeat in the 2024 Masters semi-final against Ali Carter, who achieved a tournament first by making three successive centuries. Carter's breaks of 100, 101, and 105 propelled him to a stunning victory. 


Despite Allen contributing with a ton of his own in this high-quality encounter, it was Carter's exceptional performance that secured his place in the final. Looking forward, Carter is set to face seven-time Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan as he aims to clinch his first Masters title, having reached the final once before in 2020.

Respect for the Captain’s Dominance

"Yeah, disappointment but proud of myself as well. I played awful this week, let's be honest. I was just hanging in, giving it everything and mentally I was really, really strong," admitted Allen. Despite the tough competition, he acknowledged that Carter deserved the victory, recognising him as the best player of the week.




Additionally, when asked about the challenging three-century run by Carter in their semi-final encounter, Allen dissected the frames, stating, "I'm pretty sure all three frames had chances... I was gifting him chances. These top players can do that, no doubt. Ally's one of the top players."


"I think that's a big thing for him. Overcoming Ronnie [O’Sullivan] on the biggest stage will take some doing, but if he keeps playing like that, he's a match for anyone," Allen commented on Carter's stellar performance, and his eventual meeting with the Rocket in the final. 

Flawless 147 Break

The standout moment for Allen in the tournament was undoubtedly his flawless 147 break in his quarterfinal clash with Mark Selby. Reflecting on this achievement, he acknowledged, "Yeah, obviously the 147 is the standout. Even just overcoming those matches against Higgins and Selby when I was at my C or D game, that speaks volumes for where my game's going."


Despite the setbacks in his performance during the week, Allen remained resilient and determined. He admitted, "I'd given everything mentally and didn't give up, but sooner or later, my A game will come."

Looking Ahead to the World Grand Prix

Looking ahead, Allen acknowledged the upcoming Grand Prix with a mixture of anticipation and determination. "Nice easy draw there. Jack Lisowski first, but look, it is what it is. I'm obviously the defending champion, but I just need to play better," he humorously remarked, highlighting the need for improvement in his game.


As the snooker calendar rolls on, Allen revealed his immediate plans, saying, "I’ll probably fly home tomorrow, and chill out a little bit. Just do a few hours of practise on Sunday, and Monday and fly back to Leicester on Tuesday and then get ready for Wednesday. It doesn't stop really."


In conclusion, Mark Allen expressed his commitment to hard work and self-improvement in the face of defeat, emphasizing the competitive nature of the snooker circuit. Despite the setback in the Masters, he remains optimistic about the challenges that lie ahead in the world of snooker, including his title defence at the World Grand Prix next week in Leicester. 


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)

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