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2024 Masters: Ronnie O'Sullivan Clinches 14th Masters Final Berth

In a display of sheer dominance, snooker icon Ronnie O'Sullivan secured his place in the 14th Masters final by defeating Shaun Murphy with a commanding score line of 6-2. The Rocket's unruffled demeanour and formidable skills on the green baize were on full display, leaving fans and critics alike in awe of his prowess and showmanship. After the conclusion of the match, O'Sullivan shared his reflections on reaching this significant milestone and also expressed his choice for the upcoming final.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-14

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A Record Title on the Horizon

Ronnie O'Sullivan clinched a decisive 6-2 triumph over Shaun Murphy, propelling himself into the finals of the Masters and edging closer to an unprecedented eighth title. The world number one asserted his dominance by securing the first two frames and the fourth, establishing a 3-1 lead, even in the face of Murphy's remarkable 131 break.


Although Murphy's century break narrowed the gap, O'Sullivan swiftly shifted into a higher gear, orchestrating impressive runs of 90, 71, and 62. These commanding performances sealed the victory for O'Sullivan, solidifying his spot in the Masters final and setting the stage for a potential record-extending eighth title.



Indifference to Records

Following the victory, the post-match interview with O'Sullivan shed light on his perspective, as he nonchalantly downplayed the significance of his achievements and records. When asked about becoming the youngest and now potentially the oldest winner at the Masters, O'Sullivan responded, "Don't mean nothing to me really, to be honest with you. Don't interest me at all." This indifference to records and milestones exemplifies O'Sullivan's unique approach to the game, where each tournament is simply viewed as "just a day out" for the seasoned player.

O’Sullivan’s Stoic Tournament-by-Tournament Strategy

As the conversation shifted towards O'Sullivan's future goals, particularly the prospect of achieving the triple crown trio for a record eighth time, the snooker maestro remained unenthusiastic. "It's not even my aim to be honest with you. I'm just taking each tournament as they come. I'm here to do my job. I don't get excited by it," he asserted, underscoring his focus on the present rather than dwelling on potential future accolades.

Carter or Allen? It Doesn’t Matter

O'Sullivan's apathetic stance extended to the question of his preferred opponent in the final, dismissing the notion with characteristic flair. "I couldn't give a flying, whoa, whoa, bleep, bleep", he quipped, showcasing his trademark wit and irreverence.

Class Act O’Sullivan Proves Unbeatable

On the other side of the table, Shaun Murphy acknowledged O'Sullivan's brilliance, admitting the difficulty of facing such a formidable opponent. "Ronnie was just too good today. He's a class act, and when he's in that kind of form, it's tough for anyone," Murphy conceded graciously. The defeated player also recognised the unpredictable nature of O’Sullivan, stating, "You never quite know what you're going to get with Ronnie. It's what makes him the player he is."

The Final Awaits

Ronnie O'Sullivan's 14th Masters final is on the horizon, promising a captivating showcase of his extraordinary talent and enigmatic persona. The anticipation is palpable for what is sure to be a thrilling showdown on the snooker stage.


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