2024 Masters: Robert Milkins Reflects on Convincing Defeat to Mark Selby

In a post-match interview following his 6-1 defeat to Mark Selby in the first round of the 2024 MrQ Masters, Robert Milkins candidly discussed his struggles, acknowledging the need for a confidence boost and a reset in his game.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-11

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Early Exit for The Milkman

Robert Milkins faced a formidable challenge from Mark Selby, who delivered one of his stellar performances of the season in the first round of the Masters. The three-time champion at Alexandra Palace showcased his prowess by securing a resounding 6-1 victory over Milkins. The Jester, exhibiting his cue skills, notched up an impressive tally of five breaks exceeding 50, with a dazzling 119 in the second frame highlighting his clinical precision. 


Despite this being the first time in eight years that Milkins has qualified for the Masters, his journey was cut short with an early exit. Selby now looks ahead to a quarter-final clash against Northern Irishman Mark Allen.

Confidence Struggles on the Table

Milkins, known for his confidence on the table, admitted to a recent slump, stating, "Nothing's coming easy for me at the moment." Despite adding to his challenging performances in the Championship League the previous week, where he felt he was playing "50, 60 points worse off," Milkins remained optimistic about regaining his form. He attributed his recent struggles to a lack of confidence, emphasising that one good performance could turn the tide.




Reflecting on his season, Milkins recognised the impact of tweaking his game, saying, "I put it down to a sighting thing, like me messing around too much with my game." However, he highlighted a positive encounter against Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in the UK Championships, identifying a glimpse of his capabilities: "It's still there. I just need to get it back and probably maybe just put a few more hours in on the table."

Self-Motivation and Mental Challenges

The Milkman, candidly confronted a potential lapse in dedication that had crept into his approach since securing victory at the Welsh Open last term, acknowledging, "Maybe I've been a little bit lazy." This rare admission of complacency highlighted his self-awareness and willingness to address the challenges hindering his performance on the snooker table. Despite these setbacks, however, Milkins remained resolute and unwavering in his confidence, firmly asserting, "I've been in this position loads and loads of times. It'll come back. I'll come back."


As the conversation delved deeper, Milkins opened up about the struggle to find balance in his life and the impact it had on his confidence. He confessed to being particularly hard on himself, shedding light on how a single frame loss could trigger a spiral into negativity. This self-reflective insight underscored the mental toll the recent struggles had taken on him. In an effort to counter this negativity, Milkins acknowledged the imperative need to stay positive, admitting, "I get down on myself so easy." He recognised the crucial role of self-motivation in overcoming these challenges, affirming, "I'm a great guy. I need to pump myself up."

Plans for Recovery

When asked about his plans to restore balance and boost his confidence, Milkins discussed the possibility of putting in extra hours on the table. He highlighted the mental challenges of a struggling period, saying, "These things happen when you're struggling, but I'll be alright. Things have to change."


In conclusion, Robert Milkins, while acknowledging the difficulties he faced in the 6-1 defeat to Mark Selby, remains optimistic about his future performances. With a keen understanding of the areas, he needs to improve and a determination to reset his game, Milkins looks forward to regaining his confidence and returning to his winning ways on the snooker table.


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