How Much Do Darts Players Earn? Prize Money for World Darts Championship Revealed

Darts' financial landscape: from historic humble beginnings to multi-million-pound championships, topped by players like Michael van Gerwen.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-16

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In the last decade, the landscape of professional darts has undergone a remarkable transformation, witnessing a surge in both television viewership and financial rewards for its players. 

What was once regarded as a humble pub pastime has now evolved into a powerhouse sport, largely credited to the efforts of Barry Hearn and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in reshaping its image and marketability. Today, darts stands as one of the foremost viewed and lucrative sports in the United Kingdom, a testament to its remarkable ascent within the realm of professional sport. 

PDC World Darts Championship Prize Money

This year's PDC World Darts Championship boasted a staggering £2.5 million prize pool, which was distributed among the 96 participating players. The victor of the 2024 edition, Luke Humphries, clinched an impressive £500,000 in prize money, while the runner-up, rising star Luke Littler, secured £200,000. 


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Notably, the total prize allocation has remained consistent for six consecutive years and is slated to remain unchanged for the 2025 instalment of this renowned tournament. 

For the remaining 94 competitors who exited earlier in the competition, here is a breakdown of their earnings based on their respective placings:

PDC World Darts Championship Prize Money Breakdown

RoundNumber of PlayersPrize Money
Round 132£7,500
Round 232£15,000
Round 316£25,000
Round 48£35,000
Quarter finalists4£50,000
Semi finalists2£100,000
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First-ever World Darts Championship Prize Money

The inaugural PDC (formerly WDC) World Darts Championship marked a pivotal moment in the sport's history, emerging in 1994 as a breakaway from the British Darts Organisation (BDO). This decision, spearheaded by some of the world's top players, laid the foundation for a new era in darts, characterised by the formation of their own governing body. Tradition dictates that the WDC/PDC World Championship commences before the dawn of the new year, a practice upheld since its inception.

Originally hosted at the Circus Tavern in Essex, the championship found its iconic home at the Alexandra Palace in London in 2008. Dennis Priestly etched his name into darting folklore as the first-ever WDC World Darts Champion, clinching a resounding 6-1 victory over Phil Taylor. Rewinding three decades, Priestly's triumph earned him £16,000 in prize money, a far cry from the staggering £2.5 million prize pool seen in today's competitive landscape.

Furthermore, the tournament's debut edition featured a modest roster of 24 players. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of how the £64,000 prize pool was apportioned among the participating competitors:

  • Third place in group (eight player) - £1,250
  • Second place in group (eight players) - £1,500
  • Quarter-finalists (four players) - £2,500
  • Fourth place (one player) - £3,000
  • Third place (one player) - £5,000
  • Runner-up (one player) - £8,000
  • Winner (one player) - £16,000

Who are the Richest Darts Players in the World?

The PDC stands as the pinnacle of darts excellence, offering a tantalising pathway to wealth, albeit reserved for a privileged few.

Undeniably, Phil Taylor reigns supreme as the most decorated darts player in history, boasting an extraordinary tally of 16 World Championships, 16 World Matchplay titles, and six Premier League titles. 

Spanning across three illustrious decades, Taylor's reign began in 1990 and culminated with his final world title in 2013. Despite this unparalleled success, Taylor's reported career prize money earnings stand at £4,434,000, placing him second on the all-time list.

Surpassing even the esteemed Taylor is Dutch sensation Michael van Gerwen, who has amassed a staggering £5,173,000 in prize money earnings, according to PDC records. Renowned as "Mighty Mike," van Gerwen's dominance extends across every professional PDC ranking event, including three World Championships and seven Premier League titles. 

It's worth noting that van Gerwen's ascent coincided with a notable surge in tournament prize money. Thus, while his trophy cabinet may hold 13 fewer world titles than Taylor's, his financial supremacy is indisputable.


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Which other PDC events have the Highest Prize Money?

Among the prestigious tournaments hosted by the PDC, the Premier League stands as the second highest in terms of prize money awarded to the victor. In the 2023 edition, Michael van Gerwen clinched £275,000 for his triumph.

Noteworthy events offering substantial rewards to their champions include the World Matchplay (£200,000), Grand Slam of Darts (£150,000), and World Grand Prix (£120,000).

Adding to the tapestry of PDC competitions is the World Cup of Darts, a distinctive event where pairs from each nation unite to vie for the coveted title. The total prize pool for this tournament stands at £450,000, with the joint winners sharing £80,000 in prize money.

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