2024 Premier League: Van Gerwen Still the Best in the World, Says Nathan Aspinall

Premier League Darts heats up as Nathan Aspinall faces Michael van Gerwen in Birmingham showdown. Respect meets rivalry on the oche.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-10

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Clash of Titans in Birmingham

As the 2024 BetMGM Premier League returns to Birmingham for its eleventh night of electrifying action, all eyes are on the highly anticipated clash between Nathan Aspinall and the legendary Michael van Gerwen. With both players vying for crucial points to secure a playoff spot, the stage is set for a gripping encounter between two titans of the sport.

The Best in the World

In a recent interview with, Aspinall, currently holding third place in the Premier League standings, was asked if he still fears the three-time world champion on the oche. His response underscored his unwavering respect for van Gerwen, despite the Dutchman's recent dip in form. "If you asked that question to the other seven lads in the practice room, they'd probably say yes, but I don't," remarked Aspinall. 

"For me, van Gerwen will and always will be the best player in the world for me." This candid acknowledgment reveals Aspinall's deep-seated admiration for his esteemed opponent, emphasising the enduring impact van Gerwen has had on his own journey in darts.


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MVG’s Influence on Aspinall

Acknowledging van Gerwen's influence on his own journey in darts, Aspinall reflected, "When I first started playing, he was my Phil Taylor. Michael knows how much I respect him; how much I look up to him." Such sentiments underline the deep admiration and reverence Aspinall holds for his esteemed opponent.

Confidence Amidst Admiration

Despite his respect for van Gerwen's prowess, Aspinall remains resolute in his belief that he can emerge victorious in their upcoming encounter. "Is he the best player at the moment? No, I think we all know who that man is, but for me, he's still the man to beat," Aspinall asserted. "No one has onstage presence like him. Whenever I play Michael, it’s always a ‘pinch me’ moment."

Confidence emanates from Aspinall's words as he gears up for the showdown. "I'm going to get the job done because the pressures on him," he declared. "I've had a great run. I've had four finals in the last six weeks. I'm in a great run of form and I'm not playing my best. The pressure's on Michael, not me. I can go to Birmingham and enjoy the moment. But yeah, I think I’ll win."

The Stakes Are High

The implications of this clash cannot be overstated. With Aspinall holding a slim one-point advantage over van Gerwen in the Premier League standings, the outcome of their duel could significantly influence their respective playoff aspirations. Aspinall's confidence juxtaposed with van Gerwen's desire for redemption promises to deliver a spectacle worthy of the Premier League stage.

As fans eagerly anticipate the electrifying atmosphere that only Premier League Darts can provide, all eyes will be on Birmingham as Nathan Aspinall and Michael van Gerwen prepare to do battle, each determined to emerge victorious and take another step closer to securing a coveted playoff spot.

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