Pricier Than You Think: The Cost of IPL Stumps Revealed

Sportsboom breaks down the premium glowing stumps used in the Indian Premier League.

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Kaylan Geekie

Last Updated: 2024-04-15

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 A set of glowing cricket stumps

Have you ever wondered how much the stumps and bails in the Indian Premier League (IPL) cost?

SportsBoom decided to investigate the price of the LED stumps and bails that are used in the IPL.

The Indian Premier League uses LED stumps and bails. LED stands for light-emitting diode.

Cricket equipment is not cheap and there is a lot of kit the players need to be able to take part in this great game.

From bats, pads, and gloves to different shoes for bowling and batting, wicket-keeper’s gloves and pads, and all the protective gear needed for a player's different role.

The introduction of technology has brought about significant changes in cricket, making the game more accurate, fair, and exciting.

From the introduction of the TV Third Umpire, the Decision Review System (DRS) to Hawk-Eye, Hot Spot, Stump Cam, Stump Mic, and Snickometer, modern technology has improved cricket as a spectacle.

The LED stumps and bails, which have replaced the traditional wooden stumps and bails in cricket matches around the world, including the IPL, are another exciting innovation.

The LED wickets and bails are made of high-quality synthetic materials, such as polyurethane or fibreglass. 

Image Credits: Werdan (flickr)

Image Credits: Werdan (flickr)

However, no matter what material the stumps are made of, bowlers always seem to break them, even spin bowlers.

The LED stumps and bails were first used in Australia's Big Bash League in 2013, a year before international cricket joined the party.

The lights in the bails help match officials make decisions in the game over the dismissal of batsmen.

The lights flash only when both ends of the bail break contact with the stumps, which makes it extremely clear when the dismissal occurs. 

The LED lights switch on within 1/1000th of a second from the bails being completely dislodged from the stump.

Image Credits: Neb – Own Work

Image Credits: Neb – Own Work

Who makes the IPL's LED stumps and bails and how much do they cost?

Zing International, is an Australian company based in Adelaide, and manufacturer of The Zings Patented Electronic Cricket Wicket System, which is used in the IPL.

According to multiple reports, a set of LED stumps costs the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) around US $40,000 (₹3,342,780.96 INR)

A set of stumps and bails is six wickets and four bails, an average price of US $4,000 (₹334,278.10 INR)

However, Zing International only rents out these LED stumps to the BCCI, which are used for India's international matches at home and the IPL.

Other manufacturers, like StumpVision and Intelliconn, offer LED stumps in the price range of US $5,000 to US $20,000 (₹417,847.62 INR to ₹1,671,390.48 INR).

Arshdeep Singh’s ferocious final over in 2023 highlighted the cost of the IPL LED stumps and bails

In 2023, in the 16th edition of the IPL, Arshdeep Singh completed a devastating last over against the Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium.

Mumbai needed 16 runs off the last over to pull off a stunning win, but Singh has other ideas.

Tim David managed a single off the first ball, but Tilak Varma did not make contact with Singh's second delivery.

Mumbai Indians needed 15 from four balls, but the medium-fast bowler produced two consecutive yorkers to dismiss Tilak and Nehal Wadhera, who had walked in as an Impact Player.

Singh's destructive spell brought into focus the cost of LED stumps, which went viral on social media after he broke both middle stumps.

The PBKS won the game by 13 runs in the end, but Singh's bowling exhibition proved costly to the BCCI. 

Image Credits: Arjun1001 (Instagram)

Image Credits: Arjun1001 (Instagram)


When were LED stumps and bails first used in cricket?

LED stumps and bails were first used in Australia's Big Bash League in 2013.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) soon approved the use of LED stumps in international cricket in 2013.

When were LED stumps introduced in international cricket?

The ICC first introduced LED stumps in international cricket at the 2014 T20 World Cup in Bangladesh.

What are IPL's LED Stumps and Bails made of?

The LED stumps and bails are made of high-quality synthetic materials, such as polyurethane or fibreglass, and composite plastic.

They are also equipped with shock-absorbing bumpers to protect them from damage when hit by the ball.

The LED lights are powered by small batteries that are found inside the wickets, just like the stump camera.

How do the LED stumps and bails work in the IPL?

The LED stumps and bails work by using sensors that are placed inside the stumps and bails.

Whenever the ball hits the stumps or bails, the sensors detect the impact and activate the LED lights, making them light up in a fraction of a second.

This helps a lot with run-outs and stumpings and alerts the crowd to a wicket falling

Who manufactures the LED stumps set for the IPL?

An Australian company based in Adelaide called Zing International manufactures the IPL stump and bail sets.

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