Luke Littler Hits Nine-Dart Perfection in First Tournament Following World Championships Final

In his tournament debut post-World Championships final, 16-year-old Luke Littler amazes with a perfect nine-darter at the Bahrain Masters, securing victory and becoming the youngest to achieve this feat on television. Eyes now set on the semi-finals; the darts sensation continues to captivate with his outstanding performance.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-19

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Nine Dart Magic

In a thrilling quarter-final clash at the Bahrain Masters on Friday, 16-year-old darts prodigy Luke Littler showcased his exceptional talent by hitting a nine-darter against fellow English star Nathan Aspinall. The remarkable feat occurred during the opening leg of their contest, setting an electrifying tone for the match.


Choosing the widely favoured final three-dart combination of treble-20, treble-19, and double-12, Littler left the crowd in Bahrain in awe as he flawlessly executed nine perfect darts. The audience erupted in celebration, and even his opponent, Aspinall, couldn't help but applaud Littler's achievement. The teenager, aptly nicknamed "The Nuke," expressed his surprise by spreading his arms before punching the air in jubilation.


Littler went on to secure victory in the match, defeating the 32-year-old Aspinall with a score line of 6-3 after nine legs of intense darts. 


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Littler’s Post-match Thoughts

Reflecting on his remarkable nine-dart finish in the thrilling encounter against Nathan Aspinall at the Bahrain Masters, Luke Littler expressed his elation during his post-match interview with ITV, stating, "I'm just glad to win the game, I think I played really well." 


The 16-year-old went on to share the sheer joy of achieving this milestone on television, declaring, "It's an even better feeling to hit one [a nine-dart finish] on TV. The first nine-darter of the year goes to me." 


Littler's humility and excitement in the aftermath of his historic performance highlight the young prodigy's gratitude and enthusiasm as he continues to make waves in the world of darts.

The Nuke Continues to Break Records

This exceptional start not only propelled Littler into the semi-finals of the competition but also earned him the distinction of being the youngest player ever to record a televised nine-dart finish, surpassing the previous record held by Michael van Gerwen.


The three-time world champion, Van Gerwen, achieved the perfect finish at the age of 17 years and 298 days in 2007. Littler, who will celebrate his 17th birthday in two days, now joins the elite ranks as only the second player ever to hit a nine-darter on the World Series, following in the footsteps of the legendary Phil Taylor.


Upon being informed of this accomplishment, Littler's only reaction remained, "I hope the list continues. I know I can hit a few more," showcasing not only his confidence in his own game but also the fearless approach he adopts while already drawing comparisons to the sport's greats at such a young age.

Even More Prize Money

Littler's triumph over Aspinall not only secured his place in the semi-finals but also added £5000 to his winnings. Should he advance to the final, the young sensation stands to take home a minimum prize money of £10,000. The overall winner of the event will receive double that amount, along with valuable points contributing to the World Series order of merit.


The top eight players with the most order of merit points in the series will qualify for the prestigious World Series Finals later this year in Amsterdam. Littler's flawless start to the Friday match set the stage for an impressive overall performance, boasting an average of 104.5, further solidifying his status as a rising star in the world of darts.


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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