Who is former World Darts Champion Michael ‘Bully Boy’ Smith?

Michael "Bully Boy" Smith, hailing from St Helens, England, has become a force in professional darts, currently ranked No. 3 globally in the PDC. Smith reached the pinnacle of his career with the 2023 World Championship title.

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Who is Michael Smith?

Michael Smith (born on 18th September 1990) stands as a prominent figure in the world of professional darts, hailing from St Helens, England. Widely known by his moniker "Bully Boy," Smith is a force to be reckoned with in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events, currently holding the impressive No. 3 spot in the global rankings. His prowess on the dartboard reached its pinnacle in 2023 when he clinched the coveted World Championship title.


The trajectory of Smith's career includes a notable victory as the 2013 PDC Under-21 World Champion, setting the stage for a series of triumphs on the PDC Pro Tour. With an impressive tally of 17 titles, he solidified his standing as a formidable contender in the darts arena. 


Despite facing some near misses in his earlier years, Smith's perseverance paid off in 2022 when he emerged victorious at the Grand Slam of Darts. Prior to this breakthrough, he had come tantalizingly close to claiming the top spot at the World Championship in 2019 and 2022, as well as at prestigious events like the Premier League (2018), World Matchplay (2019), European Championship (2022), UK Open (2022), The Masters (2020), and the World Series Finals (2018), finishing as a runner-up in each case.


A distinctive element of his presence is the energetic vibe created by his walk-on music, 'Shut Up and Dance' by Walk the Moon. The pulsating beats of this anthemic track serve as the perfect soundtrack to Smith's entrance, infusing an extra layer of excitement into the electrifying atmosphere of professional darts events.



Michael Smith’s Family

At the heart of Michael Smith's personal life is his loving family, anchored by his long-term partner, Dagmara Smith (born Malczewska). The couple tied the knot in 2019 when Michael was 39. Beyond being a supportive spouse, Dagmara brings her own connection to the world of darts, having played the sport at a regional level. She stands as Michael's most ardent fan, finding joy in witnessing his thrilling competitions. 


Together, the couple has built a beautiful family, blessed with two sons, Michael Jr and Kasper. As Michael Smith conquers the darting arena with his skill and determination, it's evident that the unwavering support of Dagmara and their growing family plays a crucial role in his success both on and off the dartboard.

Michael Smith’s Net Worth

Michael Smith's prowess on the darts stage not only translates into accolades and titles but also into a substantial financial standing. According to various sources, Smith's net worth is estimated to be well over £1 million, a testament to his consistent success and impact in the world of professional darts. 


As the current third-ranked player in the PDC’s two-year order of merit, Smith has amassed a formidable total of £1,106,250 in prize money. His journey from regional championships to claiming major titles has not only solidified his status as a top-tier player but has also significantly contributed to his financial prosperity.

What Darts does Michael Smith use?

Michael Smith's precision on the dartboard is no accident, and a significant contributor to his success is his choice of weaponry, the Achieve Match Dart. Meticulously designed, crafted, and perfected by Shot Dartisans exclusively for the PDC World Champion, Michael Smith, the Achieve dart represents the pinnacle of Shot's ingenuity and craftsmanship. 


Additionally, these darts are distilled into a 90% tungsten, centre-weighted barrel that Michael relies on to maintain his top-tier performance and elevate his world-beating technique. The MSB signature laser, a mark of authenticity, adorns these exceptional darts, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that goes into its creation. In the hands of Michael Smith, the 24-gram Achieve Match Darts become an extension of his skill, with their 6.6mm diameter and 50mm length providing the perfect balance and aerodynamics for precision throws on the championship stage.


Has Michael Smith won a major title? 


Michael Smith won the PDC World Championship in 2023, beating Michael van Gerwen in the final. He also won the Grand Slam of Darts in 2022. 


Is Michael Smith a Liverpool FC fan? 


Michael Smith has admitted that he is a Manchester United fan, despite being geographically closer to Liverpool. 


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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