2024 Premier League: Michael van Gerwen Dismisses Any Rivalry with Luke Littler

In a thrilling night of Premier League darts, Michael van Gerwen clinched his third consecutive victory, triumphing over Nathan Aspinall in Newcastle. His journey included a tense clash with rising star Luke Littler, where he dismissed any notion of rivalry while advocating for a balanced approach to development. Now aiming to break his Premier League record, van Gerwen's dominance and support for emerging talents shine through.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-02-23

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Van Gerwen’s Hat-Trick

Following his third consecutive successful Premier League night, Michael van Gerwen once again asserted his dominance on the darting stage, emerging victorious in Newcastle after a hard-fought battle against Nathan Aspinall in the final. Aspinall showcased impressive form throughout the evening, particularly in the final, where he outscored van Gerwen with an impressive average of 100.29. However, despite Aspinall's formidable performance, van Gerwen's clinical nature shined through, as he capitalised on crucial opportunities and maintained his composure under pressure, denying Aspinall any chances to seize control of the match.



Dominance Over the Teenage Sensation

Van Gerwen's journey to victory was marked by a tense semi-final clash against teenage sensation Luke Littler, whom he narrowly defeated 6-5. In a post-match interview with, van Gerwen shared his thoughts on Littler, acknowledging the young player's talent and potential.


Despite the intensity of their encounter, van Gerwen dismissed any notion of a rivalry with Littler, confidently stating, "Not really. I keep beating him." This assertion underscores van Gerwen's dominance over Littler, as he has now emerged victorious in their previous three meetings. Their first encounter occurred in the 2024 Bahrain Masters finals, where Littler managed to defeat the seven-time Premier League champion, however it has been a different story ever since. This consistent success against Littler suggests that van Gerwen has learned how to handle the young superstar and feels confident in his ability to outperform him in future tournaments. 

Is Littler Succumbing to the Pressure?

"He's a phenomenal player, no doubt about it. He has a lot of talent, and he has got a great career in front of him. But like I always say, the pressure got to him”, van Gerwen commented on Littler's performance. While acknowledging the 17-year-old’s remarkable talent, van Gerwen subtly hinted at the challenges the young player faces under pressure. With his own experience in handling the rigors of professional competition, van Gerwen's remarks carry a tone of cautious recognition, suggesting that Littler still has much to learn and overcome as he navigates his burgeoning career in the sport.



Advocating Balance: Van Gerwen’s Advice

Encouraging Littler to enjoy himself and pursue his interests outside of darts, van Gerwen emphasised the importance of allowing young players to develop naturally, affirming, "What he does in his spare time makes him a better player, it will help him in the long run." Amidst the intense scrutiny of the press and social media, van Gerwen's words continued to carry a weight of caution, hinting at the pressure generated by external expectations on rising talents like Littler. 


By advocating for a balanced approach to Littler's development, van Gerwen subtly addressed the challenges that the young superstar is facing in managing his public image while striving for success in the competitive arena. His insight underscored the need for patience and understanding as Littler navigates the complexities of professional sports, emphasising that true growth and resilience often stem from a well-rounded lifestyle beyond the confines of the dartboard.

Pursuing Premier League History

Van Gerwen's decisive victory over Aspinall and his insights on Littler underscore his continued dominance on the circuit and his supportive stance towards emerging talents in the sport. As he sets his sights on further accolades, van Gerwen now eyes breaking his currently joint Premier League record of three consecutive night wins in a row, a feat he shares with Michael Smith. With his exceptional skill and unwavering determination, van Gerwen will be poised to secure his fourth consecutive victory on the trot in Exeter next week. 


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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