Luke Humphries wins World Darts Championship final

In a thrilling showdown at the PDC World Darts championship, Luke Humphries emerged victorious, securing his first-ever world championship title in a historic match against Luke Littler. The interview following the momentous win provides insights into Humphries' emotions, key moments in the game, and the significance of this triumph.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-04

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Dominance on the Darting Stage

In a World Championship final for the ages, Luke Humphries secured his first-ever world championship title with a triumphant 7-4 victory over 16-year-old sensation, Luke Littler. This historic win not only marked a personal milestone for Humphries but also extended his televised winning streak to an impressive 19 games unbeaten. The thrilling encounter showcased Humphries' resilience, solidifying his status as the best darts player in the world, with the title to prove it. 


We caught up with Luke after his huge win to gather his thoughts on the tournament and his future, providing a unique insight into the mind of the newly crowned world champion.

Becoming World Champion

Luke Humphries, visibly overwhelmed with joy and still in a state of disbelief, shared his emotions after clinching the world championship title, expressing, "It is an unbelievable feeling. It's something that I never ever believed that would ever be said to me." 

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Many of my games didn’t go go well, the Ricardo [Pietreczko] game and the Joe [Cullen] game, I was lucky to get through them too. Could have been out. And I took all that luck, ran with it, and managed to become world champion from it.

Luke Humphries delving into his challenging journey that led to this remarkable achievement.

Tournament Defining Moments

The interview delved into a pivotal moment in the game where Humphries survived a critical dart at double two to make it five-two in Littler’s favour going into the 8th set. He acknowledged the significance, saying, "It could have kind of been game over if he takes that because it's five-two and the adrenaline would've drained from my body knowing that it was going to be such an uphill task."


Despite the pressure, Humphries revealed his belief in the dream, stating, "I still believed the dream was alive, and then from that moment I just seemed to be on it, started playing really, really well." The 28-year-old would then go on to win the remaining four sets in fashion to clinch victory, and upset the nation by defeating the young prodigy, Littler. 

Dedication to Loved Ones, and the Ballon d’Art

A poignant moment during the interview unfolded as Luke Humphries dedicated his championship win to his father-in-law, who courageously battled prostate cancer. Humphries emotionally revealed, "It has got a special place to go to My father-in-law who's battled the prostate cancer thing that obviously I've said it in another interview that he went and got checked out and he's found it early. So, this was a close thing to my heart, and I'm dedicating this one to him." 




This touching gesture gained even more significance as Humphries emerged as the recipient of the Ballon d'Art award for hitting the most 180s in the tournament, totalling an impressive 73. Notably, this achievement carries additional weight as the tournament sponsors, Paddy Power, pledged to donate £1,000 for each 180 hit to Prostate Cancer UK. Consequently, Humphries' stellar performance on the dartboard translates into a substantial contribution of £73,000 to support the fight against prostate cancer, underscoring the intersection of sportsmanship, personal connection, and philanthropy in the world of professional darts.

Luke ‘The Nuke’

Additionally, Humphries expressed his admiration for Luke Littler, acknowledging the formidable challenge he posed in the world championship final. Despite the intense competition, Humphries commended Littler's incredible grit and determination, acknowledging the young talent's noteworthy performance on the world stage. This blend of humility and appreciation for the challenges faced and posed encapsulates Humphries' sportsmanship and resilience on his path to becoming the world champion.




He further praised his opponent, Luke Littler, acknowledging his grit and determination, saying, "He showed incredible grit, incredible determination. We will never ever see the likes of him again at that age to go up on that world stage in a world final to produce them darts. He really is one of a kind.” 


Humphries also graciously acknowledged the impact of his opponent, Littler, on the growth of darts, recognising the instrumental role Littler has played in elevating the sport. 

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Luke Littler has grown the sport bigger than anybody could ever have imagined. What a way he's carried himself. He's fantastic attitude. He has got a good family behind him as well.

Humphries on Luke Littler's impact on the sport.

In this reflection, Humphries highlights the positive attributes that have contributed to Littler's influence on the darts community, noting not only his on-the-board skills but also his demeanour and the support system around him. Littler's journey has become an inspiration for aspiring players, and Humphries' words underscore the broader impact that individuals like Littler can have in shaping the trajectory of darts as a rapidly growing and captivating sport.

An Atmosphere Like No Other

Acknowledging the fervent support for Luke Littler from the enthusiastic crowd, Humphries shared his sentiments, stating, "Of course, not particularly, but obviously the crowd wanted Luke to win, and I couldn't begrudge on that." In expressing his understanding of the audience's desire for a fairy tale ending, Humphries showcased a deep appreciation for the energy and passion radiating from the spectators. 




Despite the crowd's preference for Littler, Humphries held a commendable attitude, recognising the significance of their support for both players. He further added, "It would've been a fantastic story if he'd have won the tournament," highlighting his sportsmanship and the recognition of the potential narrative that could have unfolded had the outcome been different. Humphries' acknowledgment of the crowd's role in shaping the atmosphere reflects the camaraderie and mutual respect between players and fans in the world of darts.

The Golden Boy

Adding a touch of flair to his understated style, Luke Humphries disclosed that he will be adorning a gold star on his shirt following his historic world title win. Known for his no-frills approach and a penchant for simplicity, Humphries acknowledged the significance of the gold star, a symbol of his crowning achievement in the world of darts. 


This subtle addition, he remarked, serves as a visual testament to the extraordinary journey he undertook to etch his name among the legends of the sport. In the midst of a burgeoning trophy collection, the gold star becomes a distinguished mark of his triumph, subtly signalling the beginning of a new era in his illustrious career.

Premier League and Beyond

Looking forward to the future, Humphries revealed his eagerness for the upcoming Premier League, expressing, "I'm really looking forward to it because PDC made the right decision leaving me out last year." Acknowledging the significance of the Premier League in the world of darts, Humphries admitted that being omitted last year fuelled his determination to showcase his prowess. 


The excitement in his voice was palpable as he looked forward to gracing the Premier League stage, knowing that this time around, he would be one of the elite players in the spotlight. 



Curtain Call

Furthermore, with the joy of victory still fresh, Humphries expressed his anticipation for parading the coveted trophy at Elland Road, the home of his beloved Leeds United, sharing the triumph with his loyal supporters and further cementing his place in the annals of darts history.


As the curtains closed on a gripping match, Humphries etched his name in darting history, leaving fans and pundits alike in awe of his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the sport.

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