2024 Premier League: Rob Cross Compares Himself to Ronnie O’Sullivan

At the Premier League Night Four in Newcastle, Rob Cross showcased his resilience and finesse on the darting stage, drawing comparisons to Snooker icon Ronnie O'Sullivan, as well as reflecting on his journey back to form.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-02-23

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Cross ‘Almost’ Back to His Best

Following a solid display at the Premier League Night Four in Newcastle, Rob Cross showcased his prowess on the darting stage, securing a victory over reigning world champion Luke Humphries in the first round. Despite his eventual loss to Nathan Aspinall in the first semi-final of the night, Cross demonstrated glimpses of his best form. 

Respect for Cool Hand Luke

Reflecting on his performance against the reigning world champion in a post-match interview with, Rob Cross expressed admiration for Luke Humphries as a thoroughly deserving titleholder. However, Cross emphasised that among top darts players, there's no element of fear when facing any opponent on the big stage. "He's a thoroughly deserving world champion, But I don't think there's any element of fear now for most of us when you go out there against any opponent," Cross remarked. 


Instead, he highlighted the importance of focusing on one's own performance and delivering one's best effort without being preoccupied by the reputation or status of the opponent. For Cross, the key lies in turning up and putting on a good performance, regardless of the opponent's credentials.



The Ronnie O’Sullivan of Darts

Renowned for his remarkable finishing prowess, Cross even drew comparisons to Snooker icon Ronnie O'Sullivan. Much like the Rocket's legendary cue skills, Cross possesses the uncanny knack for summoning his double-hitting brilliance seemingly out of nowhere, even when he's not performing at his peak or feeling entirely confident mentally. 


"Those one dart finishes, I have to admit I’m pretty good at them even when I feel like I’m playing terrible," Cross noted, echoing O'Sullivan's ability to elevate his game and deliver extraordinary shots regardless of the external factors affecting his performance. This parallel underscores Cross's resilience and skill, highlighting his capacity to shine under pressure and produce moments of brilliance akin to those of the Snooker maestro. However, he added this with a chuckle, perhaps acknowledging a touch of self-deprecation amidst his praise.

Additionally, Cross then went onto to contemplate on his overall current state of play with a mix of realism and optimism, acknowledging that he may not be operating at his peak level but remaining confident in his ability to secure positive results. "We all start in the same round, and we all have to try and make sure that we are at our best version for the night," Cross emphasizes, recognising the marathon nature of the 16-week Premier League schedule. Despite any current challenges, he finds solace in the enjoyment he derives from the game, stating, "I'm enjoying it though, that's the main thing."


While Cross admits that he doesn't feel at his best presently, he remains steadfast in his belief that the positives will soon outweigh the negatives. "When my game clicks, I expect to win and that’s where I want to be," he asserts confidently. This unwavering determination underscores Cross's commitment to his craft and his aspirations for success in the Premier League. Moreover, his renewed enjoyment of the game marks a significant shift from his mindset around 12 months ago, highlighting the progress he has made both on and off the oche. 

Next Stop: Exeter

As the Premier League season unfolds, Cross remains determined to leverage his resilience and concentration, steadfast in his pursuit of securing a coveted playoff berth. Bolstered by his unwavering passion for the sport, he is poised to confront the challenges ahead with unwavering resolve.


Looking forward, Cross now sets his sights on the upcoming clash against Welsh number one Gerwyn Price in Exeter as the Premier League resumes its thrilling journey. 


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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