Who is the Teenage History-Making Darts Star Luke Littler?

Meet Luke Littler, the 17-year-old darts prodigy making history. With titles like PDC World Youth Champion and Bahrain Masters Champion, he's already a force in the sport. Breaking records as the youngest winner in both WDF and PDC World Darts Championships, Littler is set for his Premier League debut. Beyond the oche, he's a social media sensation, being the first darts player to hit one million Instagram followers, outshining legends like Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor.

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Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-31

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Who is Luke Littler?

Born on January 21, 2007, Luke Littler is a professional darts player, actively participating in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events. Notably, he holds the titles of the current PDC World Youth Champion and Bahrain Masters Champion. Luke made history as the youngest player to secure a victory in both the WDF World Darts Championship and PDC World Darts Championship. 


At the age of 16, he achieved another milestone by becoming the youngest player to reach the final of the PDC World Darts Championship. Additionally, Littler made headlines by hitting a televised nine-darter at the 2024 Bahrain Darts Masters, the youngest player to achieve this feat, further solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the world of darts. 


In his inaugural year as a professional on the PDC Tour, the highly talented 17-year-old is set to make his debut in the prestigious Premier League of Darts. Widely recognised for his remarkable achievements at such a young age, Littler, affectionately nicknamed 'The Nuke,' a clever play on his first name, is poised to bring his explosive prowess to the elite stage of darts. Beyond his exceptional skill on the oche, fans can anticipate an electrifying entrance as he strides into the beats of 'Greenlight' by Pitbull, setting the stage for what promises to be a thrilling and impactful presence in the Premier League.



Luke Littler’s Early Life

Luke Littler was born in Runcorn, however spent his formative years in the vicinity of Warrington. Introduced to the game at a mere 18 months old, his father's purchase of a magnetic dart board from a pound shop ignited his early passion for darts. Impressively, he notched his first 180 at the tender age of six and achieved a remarkable nine-dart finish by the time he turned 13. At the age of 10, Littler joined the St Helens Darts Academy, marking the beginning of his journey in under-21 leagues.

The Nuke’s Social Media Following

At the tender age of 17, Luke Littler has etched his name in the annals of darts history by achieving a different ground-breaking milestone. The young prodigy has not only become one of the most promising prospects the sport has ever witnessed but has also secured his place as a trailblazer in the realm of social media. 


Making waves over Christmas by reaching the final of the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship, Littler added another accolade to his burgeoning career. With an unprecedented feat, he stands as the first-ever professional darts player to amass a staggering one million followers on Instagram, solidifying his status as the most followed darts player of all time. Surpassing renowned figures in the darts world such as Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor, as well as outshining the official Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) account, Littler's digital presence marks a new era in the intersection of sports and social media.

What Darts does Luke Littler Use?

Luke Littler relies on the precision and performance of the 23g Generation One Target Darts. Comprising high-quality 90% Tungsten barrels, these darts boast a multi-grip barrel profile, ensuring optimal control and comfort during play. The barrels also feature precision milling and radial grooves, emphasising the attention to detail in their design. With this customised set of darts, the 17-year-old equips himself with a tool that reflects both his unique style and the precision required to excel in the competitive world of professional darts.


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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