2024 Premier League: Gerwyn Price Draws Parallels with Luke Littler Ahead of Glasgow Matchup

As the Premier League of Darts hits Glasgow's OVO Hydro, the spotlight shines on the face-off between Welsh veteran Gerwyn Price and rising star Luke Littler. Price's insights into Littler's approach, alongside the young prodigy's recent victories, promise an enticing matchup.

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The Premier League Spotlight in Glasgow

As the Premier League of Darts rolls into the OVO Hydro in Glasgow for its third night of action, all eyes are on the matchup between Welsh veteran Gerwyn Price and rising star Luke Littler. Price, known for his fiery demeanour on the oche, has offered intriguing insights into his opponent's approach, drawing parallels to his own journey in the sport.

Price’s Observations into Littler’s Approach

In a recent interview with SportsBoom.com, Price observed Littler's manner in the practice room, noting how the 17-year-old approaches the game with a refreshing sense of freedom. "He's young, he's 17, he's got no scars yet and he's just playing with a bit of freedom," Price remarked. "He just keeps on going out there playing darts like he has before. He doesn’t feel any pressure on his shoulders, and just relishes it."


Price's observations reflect a deep understanding of the mental aspects of the game, drawing comparisons between Littler's approach and his own early experiences. "When I see him in and around the practice room and the way he approaches everything... That's the way I was in the beginning, and I think that's perfect for him," Price stated. "He just gives everything on the dartboard and doesn’t care about anything else."

Littler’s Rise: Confidence and Success

Littler's confidence and performances continue to soar as he builds upon recent successes. Following his impressive final appearance in Berlin, Littler secured a remarkable debut Pro Tour victory in Wigan by triumphing in the first Players Championships event on Monday, hitting yet another nine darter on his way to victory. 


However, as Littler now navigates the gruelling schedule of professional darts, Price believes challenges may arise. With Pro Tour events now in full swing, the young prodigy finds himself thrust into the spotlight on a regular basis. "He’s already used to playing the same players every week now," Price noted. "It’s not going to bother him at all." Yet, as the demands of the tour increase, Littler may face newfound pressures and expectations.



Pro Tour Controversy and Littler’s Response

On the other hand, the plot thickens for this encounter as the Welshman himself withdrew from the very same Players Championship event that Littler went on to claim victory in. Price's abrupt exit during his last-16 match against Brenden Dolan created a buzz in the darts community, with Price expressing his discontent on social media, citing the playing conditions in Wigan as 'less than amateur'. 


Despite this setback, Littler remained unfazed, displaying remarkable resilience and adaptability. His ability to navigate through the challenges and emerge victorious speaks volumes about his maturity and composure under pressure. Such traits, often associated with seasoned champions like Price, elevate Littler's standing in the darts world, positioning him as a formidable contender capable of handling adversity with poise and determination.

Price is Ready for The Nuke

Despite the insights into his opponent's mindset, and challenges faced in the week, Price remains focused on the task at hand, expressing confidence in his own abilities. "I’m looking forward to playing him, and still fancy my chances," he affirmed.


As the Premier League showdown unfolds in Glasgow, all eyes will be on the clash between experience and youth, as Gerwyn Price takes on Luke Littler in a battle that promises excitement and intrigue on the dartboard.


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