Rob Cross Scoops Baltic Sea Open Title Despite Luke Humphries' Nine-Darter Brilliance

Rob Cross wins Baltic Sea Open in Kiel, as Luke Humphries hits nine-darter in vain. Respectful rivalry, intense competition showcased.

Rob Cross Scoops Baltic Sea Open Title Despite Luke Humphries' Nine-Darter Brilliance
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Cross Lifts His First Euro Tour of the Season

Rob Cross emerged triumphant over Luke Humphries in the final of the Baltic Sea Open, in a thrilling showdown at the Wunderino Arena in Kiel. 

Despite Humphries' spectacular nine-darter, Cross showcased remarkable form, securing an 8-6 victory to clinch the title.

The final between Cross and Humphries was a display of top-tier darts, characterised by exceptional skill and fierce competition. Both players delivered impressive performances, with each throwing five 180s and averaging over 104 throughout the match.

Humphries' Spectacular Nine-Darter

World champion Humphries stunned the audience with a sensational nine-darter, igniting excitement among the crowd. However, despite this remarkable feat, Humphries was unable to maintain his lead as Cross mounted a formidable comeback.

Following Cool Hand Luke’s nine-darter, Cross demonstrated his resilience by winning four out of the next five legs. With unwavering focus and precision, Cross secured victory with a 100-checkout, to seal the second European Tour event victory of his career and £30,000 prize money.

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Respect Between Competitors

Reflecting on his win, Cross expressed his satisfaction with his performance and highlighted the significance of his victory. He credited his new training regimen for his improved form and expressed gratitude for the support of the crowd.

"To hit back-to-back 12-darters to win was great and I'm happy that I've won something - it's been a while!" Cross said.

"It's an amazing experience to come up and win something again. I've got a new regime at the minute and it's working. I feel much better, much fresher in the longer days and long may it continue."

"Me and Luke always have good games and I really enjoyed it," added Cross. "He's number one for a reason - he's the best player on the planet.”

"I like playing Luke and he likes playing me - he's probably got the upper hand of late. He's got the world at his feet and we have a great friendship."

Despite the intense competition, Cross and Humphries maintained mutual respect and admiration for each other's abilities. Cross praised Humphries as the number one player in the world and acknowledged the challenges posed by their friendly rivalry.

Routes to the Final

Prior to the final, Humphries displayed impressive form, defeating formidable opponents such as Ross Smith, Michael van Gerwen, and Danny Noppert. However, despite his strong performance, he fell short of claiming his seventh European Tour title.

Cross also navigated a challenging path to the final, overcoming skilled opponents including Stephen Bunting, Ritchie Edhouse, and Madars Razma. His resilience and skill were evident throughout the tournament, culminating in a well-deserved victory.

Back to the Netherlands

With the conclusion of the Baltic Sea Open, the PDC European Tour will continue later this month with the Elten Safety Shoes Dutch Darts Championship at Autotron Rosmalen. 

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