2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Reacts to Luke Littler's Self-Proclamation as Darts’ Main Target

Following his Night Seven win in Nottingham, Luke Humphries weighs in on Luke Littler's bold claims as the darting world watches their contrasting approaches.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-15

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Humphries Triumphant in Nottingham

In the wake of his triumph at Night Seven of the Premier League in Nottingham, Luke Humphries reflected on his victory over Nathan Aspinall and shed light on his distinct approach to the game compared to rising star Luke Littler.

Humble Humphries’ Approach

Humphries, known for his humble demeanour on the oche, emphasised the importance of maintaining composure amidst media scrutiny and heightened expectations. 

Regarding his Premier League peer Luke Littler's confidence on stage, Humphries remarked, “It's his first year in it. He's got to learn. He's going to learn a lot. If he wants to be different on the stage and try more exhibitions shots let him, do it. If he tried the same 147 against me as he did against Ricardo in Belgium, I’d be happy as it gives me more of a chance to win.”

Confident or Arrogant?

Additionally, in response to Littler's approach on the oche, Luke Humphries offered a candid assessment, stating, "Luke [Littler] doesn’t let anyone influence him. There’s no arrogance, that’s just the way he is. He’s still learning his craft, and he might not be handling the pressure as everyone expects but he will certainly go onto win a couple Premier League nights like me, I’m certain of that." 

Humphries' comments underscored Littler's unwavering focus and commitment to his own style of play. While acknowledging Littler's learning curve and potential struggles with pressure, Humphries expressed confidence in the young talent's future success, drawing parallels to his own journey in the Premier League.


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Luke Littler vs. The World

When questioned about Littler's comparison of himself to the FA Cup final, Humphries maintained a pragmatic stance, stating, "Maybe some of the lower ranked players may feel like that, but us top boys certainly don’t." He emphasised the significance of his World Championship victory and dismissed the notion of any single match overshadowing that achievement.

“I’ve beat him in the biggest cup final in the world. I play him week in week out now, and it’s never more than just another win to me. No match is bigger than the World final, which I won”, he further added.

The Real Man to Beat

Furthermore, addressing whether other players treat him differently on stage as the reigning world champion, Humphries asserted, "No, not at all... Nothing’s changed for me since I became world champion." While acknowledging the heightened media scrutiny, Humphries highlighted the mutual respect among players and their collective dedication to the sport. This sentiment stood in contrast to Littler's experiences of encountering players who exhibit different performances on stage when facing him.

The juxtaposition between Humphries and Littler's approaches underscores the diverse perspectives within the darts community. While Littler exudes confidence and ambition, Humphries remains grounded and focused on long-term success. 

As both players navigate the pressures of media attention and tournament expectations, their distinct approaches offer valuable insights into the complexities of professional darts.

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