Premier League Darts Betting

From top Premier League Darts players to bet on, to the best types of bets, Sportsboom provides you with the ultimate guide to get you started.

Jon Young
Jon Young

Last Updated: 2024-06-06

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Premier League Darts Betting Tips

If you love darts, Premier League betting offers a huge range of possibilities for every match. Here are a few simple Premier League Darts betting tips to keep you on the board. 

Analyse Recent Performances 

bet365 Premier League Darts analysis page

All good Premier League Darts betting bookies allow access to full stats and form for every player. You can also view head-to-heads, something that’s hugely important when you consider all players will be playing each other many times during the season. 

A great example is SportRadar, a stats service used by bookmakers such as bet365. Via this pop-up you can view previous Win/Loss results, highest wins, and legs-per-match for every player. SportRadar also provides a full archive of Premier League Darts results going back to 2010. 

The PDC Euro Tour is a good indicator of player form in Premier League Darts betting. Players with wins on the Euro Tour a week earlier tend to come into the Premier League in terrific form. 


Fatigue Plays a Factor in Darts Betting 

Always check the recent schedules of Premier League Darts players. Tiredness can kick in for many players, especially those who have to play the Pro Tour on the Monday and Tuesday before a Premier League match. 
This was the case in the 2024 season when Luke Littler suffered key defeats having played twice in a week before his Premier League Darts night.

Hunt Value in “Underdogs”

Despite the league suggesting otherwise, PDC Premier League Darts is something of a lottery. With eight of the world’s top players competing every week, matches can be closer than the bookies’ odds suggest. There is certainly value to be had in “underdogs,” many of whom have world titles under their belts.

Premier League Darts Betting Strategies 

In darts, Premier League betting tips can get you so far on a match-by-match basis. Employ a longer-term darts betting strategy for the full experience. 

Claim Enhanced Odds on Outright Markets

Most online bookmakers offer odds boosts on selected match-winner bets and doubles. These are usually available for a limited time only, so you’ll need to get in quickly. 

Use In-Play Betting Opportunities

Ante-post betting in darts offers higher odds. However, in-play betting lets you gauge how players are performing and bet accordingly. This is especially useful if you’re following the match live on TV. 
You must be eagle-eyed if you are betting live on Premier League Darts. Betting odds change in real time and markets may be suspended while the bookmaker updates the prices.  

Manage Your Bankroll

One of the best 2024 Premier League Darts betting tips is to practice good bankroll management. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and structure your wagers according to your whole budget. You can use a simple online bankroll calculator to plan bets and increase wagers on nightly wins. 

Use Free Bets & Sports Betting Credits

The best online Premier League Darts betting sites award free bets when you sign up. Some welcome bonuses include cashback on losing darts wagers, so it’s important to shop around and find the best deals. Be sure to take advantage of these free sports betting credits! 

While you are restricted to one account per bookmaker, there’s nothing to stop you from opening accounts at multiple betting sites. What’s a better way to set up your Thursday night Premier League Darts 2024 betting?

Premier League Darts Betting Odds

It’s easy to understand Premier League Darts betting odds if you know what you’re looking at. Remember that at UK bookmakers, you can view odds in three ways: Fractional, Decimal, or American. 

  • Fractional (e.g. 2/1): For a unit stake of £1, you win £2 (plus your stake of £1). For example, betting £10 on Rob Cross at 2/1 would return £20 for a win (£10 x 2). That return includes your original £10 bet. 
  • Decimal (e.g. 2.0): Decimal odds indicate the total return, including stake (e.g. £2 for a £1 unit stake)
  • American (e.g. +200): Usually found at US sportsbooks, the American odds show the return for a $100 bet, including stake. In this example, you’d receive $200 total. The + symbol denotes an underdog. 

The favourite would carry a “-“ symbol. For a favourite carrying odds of -200, you’d have to bet $200 to win $100.
Bookmakers change odds based on several factors, including recent results and weight of money. Often, the sheer weight of money placed on one player is enough to shift the odds. It doesn’t always reflect the probability of the player winning. 

Analysing Match Winner Odds

For Match Winner bets, there are two prices: the “home” player (1) and the “away” player (2). There will always be a favourite and an underdog priced up by the bookmaker. 

  • Example: 
  • Michael Smith (7/4) vs Luke Littler (4/9)

In this Premier League Darts clash, top-of-the-table Luke Littler is odds-on favourite at 4/9. So, for every £9 you bet on him, you’d win £4 (plus your £9 stake returned). 

Implied Probability in Darts Betting

The implied probability is the likelihood of one player winning his Premier League Darts match. 

Imagine we bet £10 on our players as listed above. Michael Smith is 7/4 to win, so we can win £17.50 or get £0 for a loss. If we bet on the odds-on Luke Littler, we can win £4.44 (plus our £10 stake) or get £0 for a loss. 

Now, let’s calculate our total risk on each wager by dividing the stake by the potential return:

  • Michael Smith: £10 / £27.50 = 0.36 or 36%
  • Luke Littler: £10 / £14.44 = 0.69 or 69%

When we add these two percentages together, we get 105%. Therefore, we’d be out of pocket by backing both players at once. The additional 5% is the bookmaker’s edge. 

Premier League Darts Betting Resources

The beauty of Premier League Darts betting is that you’re not alone in making your picks. There are numerous resources and darts betting guides available online to help you place the right bets. 

  • The home website of the BetMGM Premier League Darts offers news and previews for every night. You can also browse every result for each round of the Premier League. 
  • bet365 offers daily picks from former World Darts Champion, Keith Deller. His betting predictions include not only Match Winner but also interesting props like Most 180s and Over/Under Legs on every match. 
  • With a heavy bias towards Sky Sports, SkyBet Premier League Darts pundit, Wayne Mardle, offers a similar level of analysis on the day’s matches. 

Responsible Gambling

It’s important to stay safe when gambling on darts. Always take a break if you need it and set deposit limits when you open your betting account. Here are some useful resources if you find your gambling is getting out of control:

Final Thoughts

With these Premier League Darts betting tips, you’re in a perfect position to find value and the best odds. Back young talent like Luke Littler in-play, or claim enhanced odds on the biggest outright markets. The best bookies even offer great sign-up bonuses that help you hit those doubles even faster.  


Can I bet on Premier League Darts online?

Absolutely. You can find odds and markets on every Premier League Darts match at the best online betting sites. You’ll find updated odds on hundreds of markets for every Premier League Darts match. 

How does Premier League Darts betting work?

At online bookmakers, you can place bets in-play or pre-game on markets such as Match Winner, Totals, or the league champion. The bookmaker sets odds and will change prices according to match score or weight of bets. 

How do you win darts betting?

Good Premier League Darts betting tips include sensible bankroll management and analysis of players. Analyse statistics and form of previous Premier League Darts results. You can also take advantage of free bets and enhanced odds at online bookies.