Recognizing Influence: Insights from Lois Bright, Ranked Among Top 100 Most Influential People in Gaming

Lois Bright, Director of Africa & Middle East at The Conexus Group and Managing Director of Initiate International, has been named among the Top 100 Most Influential People in Gaming by iGaming Express.

Mercy Sharon
Mercy Sharon

Last Updated: 2024-05-30

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Influence can often be measured not just by numbers, but by the impact individuals have on shaping the industry's trajectory. Recently, iGaming Express released its prestigious list of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in iGaming," recognizing the men and women from a diverse array of professions who have made an impact within the gaming industry.

The list recognizing the people considered most influential in gaming was not based on the titles of power the individuals might carry, but by their ethics, responsibility and positive impact.

Among the esteemed ranks is Lois Bright, the Director of Africa & Middle East at The Conexus Group and Managing Director of Initiate International.

Image Credits: Mercy Mutiria

Image Credits: Mercy Mutiria

The Credits of having an Impact

Reflecting on her inclusion, Bright expresses gratitude for the acknowledgment of her efforts, both personally and professionally. “Being ranked number 74 on the Most Influential People in Gaming list by iGaming Express is truly a pinnacle of my career. This recognition follows my inclusion in the top 30 most influential women list released on International Women's Day back in March, making it an even more significant achievement. I am deeply honored to be part of this prestigious list, especially as the only representative from our global company and one of just a handful of Africans and women.”

While this accolade is a personal and professional milestone, it's business as usual for Lois. As the Founder of Women in Gaming Africa and Co-Founder Initiate International, Bright is a staunch advocate for empowering women in the gaming and technology sectors. Her initiatives aim to provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and support to women aspiring to thrive in traditionally male-dominated fields. “I've always been a passionate advocate for women in business, so founding Women in Gaming Africa was a natural progression for me, especially given my deep involvement and passion for the gaming industry. I believe that empowering women within this sector is crucial for driving innovation and diversity, which ultimately leads to a stronger and more dynamic industry,” she tells

Bright's dedication to promoting gender diversity underscores the importance of inclusive practices in driving industry growth and innovation.

At the recent BiG Africa Summit 2024, where Bright served as chairperson and moderator, important discussions centered on investment-friendly policies and mentorship for women in the iGaming sector. The summit provided a platform for industry stakeholders to collaborate on strategies for fostering a more conducive environment for growth and development.

Lois shared that, “One of the key takeaways from the summit was the importance of in-person interactions. The value of face-to-face discussions and the exchange of ideas cannot be overstated. There was a diverse representation from various regions, and the shared insights were invaluable.”

“Regarding investment, it is clear that now is an excellent time to invest in Africa, especially in the gaming industry. The continent is experiencing rapid technological advancements, with increasing access to smartphones and data. These developments are creating a fertile ground for growth and innovation in the gaming sector, making Africa an attractive destination for investors.”

The Future of iGaming

Looking ahead, Bright remains committed to leveraging her influence to drive positive change within the gaming industry. With her kind of leadership and influence, she shared steps she believes can be taken to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in gaming, both in Africa and globally.

Creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in gaming, both in Africa and globally, requires a multifaceted approach. Here are some key steps we can take:

  • Foster In-Person Interactions and Networking: As highlighted at the BiG Africa Summit 2024, the importance of face-to-face interactions cannot be overstated. Regular in-person meetings, networking events, and conferences can provide women with valuable opportunities to connect, share experiences, and build supportive networks.
  • Promote Mentorship Programs: Establishing mentorship programs is crucial for empowering women in the gaming industry. Experienced professionals can offer guidance, support, and insights to help women navigate their careers, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities.
  • Encourage Investment in Women: Investment in initiatives and businesses led by women is essential. As the technological landscape in Africa continues to grow with increased access to smartphones and data, there are ample opportunities for women to innovate and lead. Supporting women financially can help them bring their ideas to life and contribute to the industry’s growth.
  • Create Supportive Communities: Building communities where women feel valued and supported is key. Platforms like Women in Gaming provide a space for women to exchange ideas, access resources, and find encouragement. These communities can play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

She emphasizes the need for continued collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity to navigate the evolving landscape effectively. With her leadership and vision, Bright aims to inspire the next generation of gaming professionals to embrace diversity and drive meaningful impact.

In conclusion, the "Top 100 Most Influential People in Gaming" list serves as a testament to the collective efforts of individuals like Lois Bright, who are shaping the future of gaming through their innovation, leadership, and commitment to driving positive change. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, their influence will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory for years to come.

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